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Pixel Gun 3D Pocket Edition Mod Aptoide

Pixel Gun 3d Mod Aptoide – Pixel Gun 3D Pocket Edition v14.1.1 mod Apk


Are you guys excited for another hacking tool for your pixel gun 3d game? I will show you how you can get free coins and gems in pixel gun 3d pocket edition.

Using this method you can buy anything from the game all paid stuff just for free.

First of all, you have to download 2 files on your pc or directly on your android device and then copy them into the SD card of your Android device.


Pixel Gun 3D Pocket Edition Mod 2018 latest



Pixel Gun 3D Apk 1:

                                                           Pixel Gun 3D Apk 1


Install the first apk and wait for it to install completely. If it says corrupting or any other error that means you have not uninstalled your current pixel gun 3d game.


Make sure to uninstall the game first in order of this mod to work.

So after it is installed, all you have to do is tap the developer console and enter this number into the coins: area ‘999999700’. Make sure to add the exact same number because if you add a different number it will crash maybe or you could get banned from the game. I tried this 3 times and only this digit worked for me.

You are free to experiment on your own.


On the gems section enter the same number ‘999999700’, Now after you have typed these gems and coins hit the back button and exit the game.

Now you have to download a program named X-plore. it’s a file manager and its compulsory in order for this hack to work.


Download X-plore file manager:

                                                                 Download X-Plore



Once it’s downloaded open Android<Data<com.pixel.gun3d and rename the file.

We renamed it as ‘com.pixel.gun3dd’ Now exit the app and uninstall the game from your Android device. Now Download and install the second apk file.


Pixel Gun 3D Apk 2:

                                                             Pixel Gun 3D Apk 2


After installation, the game will download additional files for completion. Now go to X-plore and rename the file to its original form. Android/Data/com.pixel.gun3dd => com.pixel.gun3d


Jump to the game and wait for it to download all the necessary files.

After the download complete make sure to rename the file from X-plore to its original form.

Notice: In case there are 2 files in the folder Android<Data ‘com.pixel.gun3d’ and ‘com.pixel.gun3dd’ delete the one which has ‘com.pixel.gun3d’ and renames the other to its original form. Basically, there will be two files for both the apk. first, we rename the first one, then we will do all the procedure explained above.


After that, we will Install the second apk and delete the file of one which we have not renamed.

After that go to the game and now you have 999999700 coins and 999999700 gems. Complete the tutorial and after that, you can buy anything you want.


Buy Pixel gun 3D hat, armor, skin, cape, and boots from the shop. Buy all your favorite guns like Pixel Gun 3d laser minigun.


After you have done your shopping. Just go to the play store and Update the app to the newer version.
Note: This hack will also work with the newer version of the games. A newer version will have better graphics and new stuff for you too try.


Pixel Gun 3D Developer console:

                                                         Pixel Gun 3D Apk 1


Pixel Gun 3D Apk 2:

                                                         Pixel Gun 3D Apk 2

Download X-plore file manager:

                                                         Download X-Plore


Pixel Gun 3D Pocket Edition v14.1.1 mod Apk:

                                                       Download Pixel Gun 3d 14.1.1 Apk


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