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Monsters | Pixel Gun 3D Mod Apk


This is the latest version that came out later with various software updates and with a beginning tutorial level with shoot to kill Pixel Gun 3D zombies level.

Practice shooting zombies with your generic pistol. Now this update also includes survival and multiplayer mods. Choose from various skins to create your new avatar.

You can also download Pixel Gun 3d Mod Apk skins which allow you to make your own custom avatar.



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It can also be used in the single-player mode.

Single player modes

Single player Modes are modes which can regularly be played offline. In Pixel Gun 3D Mod Apk, there used to be single player modes but they were converted into small mini games.


In Pixel Gun World, only one single player mode is available, “Arena”. The description of the mode is given below:

The arena is a mode where you have to fight against a horde of monsters or zombies. You have to move around in the small area to keep yourself alive from monsters.

A great tip is to keep moving and collect enough ammunition and health bar. Every wave has at least 75 enemies, and it is difficult to complete Arena mode.


The Parallel Monster is an unusual enemy found in the Parallel World Campaign.


Easy mode;

  • Damage: 4
  • Health: 11 Heart new
  • Speed: Slow

Medium mode;

  • Damage: 4
  • Health: 22 Heart new
  • Speed: Slow

Hard mode;

  • Damage: 4
  • Health: 33 Heart new
  • Speed: Slow

It will slide towards you, bumping into objects occasionally.

Level included;

Parallel World



The Parallel Monster has a skin color of dark gray with a mix of grey and red which seems just like Parallel World. It has three red eyes. Its pupil is red and its iris is scarlet red.

The middle eye is a little larger than the other two beside it. Both of its arms are in a forward position; The arm is in a rectangular shape which will help you get a clean grip on semi gun.

It has a mouth opening widely with teeth showing at the top and bottom of its mouth(kind of looks scary). Its arms shake during movement when it chases you.

  • It is impossible to headshot this.
  • It used to look like an Enderman from Minecraft edition.


Note: Now you can make your own custom skins and use it in a multiplayer game

Pixel Gun 3d Multiplayer mode (Pixel Gun 3D PC Online)


Multiplayer Modes are modes which can be played online on servers. The following is a small detail of each mode. Pixel Gun 3D has multiple exclusive modes for every player around the globe.

Play Pixel gun 3d mod apk with multiplayer


Pixel Gun 3D PC Online:

Team Strike is where two teams of three fight each other in a minimum of four rounds and a maximum of seven rounds. All players have only one life in each round.

Co-op Survival is when multiple players have to go against different Enemies, using the only specific amount of weapons at a time.

Deathmatch is where up to 10 or 20 players kill other players in order to have the most kills at the end of the match.


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