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Try Pixel Gun 3D in MULTIPLAYER MODE with co-op, fights to defeat opponents, and Deadly Games! Also, it is an awesome latest lump world shooter with single player war and survival arena mod.

Pixel gun 3d pocket edition mod apk


This is a perfect opportunity to battle an online game with your friends, classmates, and workmate or anyone else around the world in the palm of your hand!

You can create and customize your character skins and make a lot of other changes using a special skins maker and then show off on the battleground! It is an awesome pocket first-person shooter for all kinds of players! So what are you waiting for, let’s get down gamers?


Pixel gun 3d pocket edition mod apk can be downloaded and installed on Android devices validate 15 API and above.


Download pixel gun 3d pocket edition mod and after that place the pixel gun 3d mod apk file to your Android device SD card and then use one file manager of your preference to browse and install it. You can find the complete step by step Method at Pixel Gun 3DĀ Apk Files and Installation

Pixel Gun 3d Apk Download

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You can also download apk file of Pixel Gun 3d mod apk and run it using android emulators you just downloaded.

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Things you can gain from this apk.

  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited gems
  • Maximum level
  • Online gaming and survival matches and much more

How to change pixel gun 3d username to your own color;

You can change your username to any color that you like, just follow this simple method.Tap your username area and add the following code [900600[ff]]proxy and press DONE.

You can see after you write this code your username will turn into red. You can also try this technique in your world chat during your gameplay. Try using a different color scheme to change your own style. You can also use the internet for more color scheme codes.


Note All of the names at the start they need [ and at the end ] example: [008B8B] and if you want 2 colors you can have, example: [008B8B]C[000000]

Put [ff]] at the end.

Pixel Gun 3D Color codes are:

  • blue: 1ff1ff
  • purple: 9900ff
  • pink: 9900ff
  • Black: 000000
  • red: ff0000
  • green: abc123
  • Light blue: 1ff1ff
  • Purple: 7000FF
  • Greenish brown: 747744
  • Pink/green: ffaaff
  • Light blue/green: 42befe
  • Light Salmon: FFA07A
  • Coral: FF7F50
  • Tomato: FF6347
  • Orange Red: FF4500
  • Dark Orange: FF8C00
  • Orange: FFA500
  • Gold: FFD700
  • Pale Goldenrod: EEE8AA
  • Khaki: F0E68C
  • Dark Khaki: BDB76B
  • Green Yellow: ADFF2F
  • Chartreuse: 7FFF00
  • Lawn Green: 7CFC00
  • Lime: 00FF00
  • Lime Green: 32CD32
  • Pale Green: 98FB98
  • Light Green: 90EE90
  • Medium Spring Green: 00FA9A
  • Spring Green: 00FF7F
  • Medium Sea Green: 3CB371
  • Sea Green: 2E8B57
  • Forest Green: 228B22
  • Green: 008000
  • Dark Green: 006400
  • Yellow Green: 9ACD32
  • Olive Drab: 6B8E23
  • Olive: 808000
  • Dark Olive Green: 556B2F
  • Medium Aquamarine: 66CDAA
  • Dark Sea Green: 8FBC8F
  • Light Sea Green: 20B2AA
  • Dark Cyan: 008B8B


Apply all the cheats code, hacks and apk mod at your own risk. We are not responsible for your account ban. These procedures require extreme caution.


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