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Pixel Gun 3D Hack Apk Mod Complete Installation

Download Pixel Gun 3d Pocket Edition Hack Apk without root or any other kind of bullshit surveys.


The first thing you want to do is to Download Pixel Gun 3d Pocket Edition Apk and Pixel Gun Hack Apk. Both Apk’s are given at the end of this page. You have to install both of them.


You have to download a manager as well, that is the Astro manager. Download Astro manager from below.


                                                                       Download Astro

Download pixel gun 3d hack mod apk free with coins and gems


When you have downloaded the two apk and the Astro file manager. You have to uninstall your current pixel gun 3d game. This is very important for you to uninstall your current game.


  • Next thing you want to do is to open the Astro file manager and search the folder named ‘Download’ and open it. Save the two apk’s on your SD card in the download folder. When you open your download folder you will find the two apk. One is pixel gun 3d 10.2.1 apk and the other one is called pixel gun 3d hack.
  • You have to install the hack version first. Once the hack version is completely installed. open it and wait for the loading bar to complete to 100%.
  • Click continue and log in with your Gmail account. Now go to the Developer console and you want to put 25000 gems and 25000 coins. Click back and exit the game.
  • Now go to Astro file manager. Click on Android<Data<Com.pixel.gun3d and hold the file and rename it. You can rename it as you like. Suppose we named it as ‘com.pixel.gun3d1’ and exit the manager and delete the actual game.
  • Now go to the file manager Click on Android<Data<Com.pixel.gun3d1 and rename it as original. So the original file is now named as ‘Com.pixel.gun3d’
  • Press Back<Download and install the pixel gun 3d 10.2.1 apk again.
  • Open the game once it’s Installed completely. Once the app is open it will download more additional filed. After finishing downloading, let the game load and BOOM,
  • There you go, you will now have 25000 coins and 25000 gems.


Do not skip the tutorial, because if you do. This whole process will not work. Buy as many guns or stuff you want and exit the game. Now go to google play store and search pixel gun 3d and UPDATE the app. You will still have all the gems and coins after the update.

It is important to upgrade to the newer version after the install because it has more weapons and other stuff that make the game really awesome.


This still works in the new Update 14.0.3. Follow the exact same steps and it still works. Make sure to put the right amount of gems and coins or it will ban you!

Hack Info :

  • Version 14.1.1
  • Unlimited coins and gems
  • Developer console
  • Multiplayer
  • Maximum level and much more

We are not responsible for if you got banned. Do the Pg3 hack at your own risk!


Pixel Gun 3D APK Files

1) Pixel gun 3d pocket edition apk download
                                       Download Hack Apk


2) Pixel Gun 3d 10.2.1 APK
                                     Pixel Gun 3d 10.2.1 


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